It's Time for Chemical Warfare!

Stop feeling chained to products with warning labels! Green cleaning can be simple, safe and wallet-friendly. I’ll show you how.

Hiya, Friend! I'm Julie

I’m a laid-back Texas girl, but I’m now anchored down in North Carolina with the love of my life (who tackled and kissed me in first grade, but that’s another story …). We’ve been married for almost 30 years.
I’m happiest when I’m making my friends laugh. My best days are when I'm leading a make-and-take class or when a friend contacts me with a question about Essential Oils or natural cleaning or even how to clean their diffuser.
I believe that if you have valuable knowledge that will benefit others, you’re morally obligated to share it. That’s why my favorite part of what I do is teaching about Essential Oils and how easy it is to make chemical-free products.

If you called me right now, in the background you’d hear birds chirping, the fountain running and my mini-Aussies “broofing” (kind of a grumbling bark), because my favorite place to “office” is my back porch ­— as long as it’s not too cold or too hot, but you never know with this Carolina weather!

It's time to do battle to reduce the chemicals found in your home

The average home has 62 toxic chemicals … and most of those are in everyday products! But where to start?

I get it, you’re surrounded by overwhelming advice, options and products for going green. I’ve been there … and conquered it

In fact, I bet I know what led you here.

You’re concerned about the health and safety of you and your family when you use chemical-filled cleaning products.

You’ve found yourself in the cleaning aisle staring blankly at all the “Green Cleaning” options.

You’ve thought, “I can do this myself” … and then done a quick DIY Google search only to wonder where on earth to start.

Take off the hot plastic gloves, take a deep breath without coughing and relax. This is where I come in. I put clarity to the confusion and simplify a plan to create a new lifestyle – in baby steps. 

With education and support, I'll be your chemical-free captain to help you take charge and battle the chemical beasts harassing you. Be the master of your healthy life and home. Make better decisions for yourself and your family. Simple and easy.

It all started with Frank ...
The lightbulb moment was Frankincense (aka Frank) … at a farmer’s market. The vendor was telling me a little bit about each of the oils she had with her. And I was politely listening and thinking, “but, really?” ... when she picked up Frankincense. Everything she said after that was a wash, because all I could think was, “Well, duh! Of course God is going to give us what we need to heal ourselves!” Now, I’m not a crazy religious person, but when God talks to me, I listen!
Around the same time, my high-school-age daughter came to me, pulled her hair back and said, “Is this normal?” She had a bald spot on the side of her head about the circumference of a baseball. I instinctively felt that this was caused by something bad she’d been exposed to, some kind of chemicals in or on her body. I started the “au natural” pursuit for an answer. Out went the chemical-filled candles, plug-ins and sprays. In came Essential Oils. (Side note — if you throw out ALL your candles and it’s hurricane season in North Carolina, make sure you have working batteries in your flashlights! True story!)
I was shocked at how well Essential Oils worked right off the bat! EVERYONE around me got doused with oils. “Oh, you have a headache? Try PanAway! You’re stressed? Stress Away will calm you down!” Before long, I was being asked to order oils for others. 
Up to this point, I had been a freelance writer, editor and designer. Twenty-eight years. And it was getting old.
When I put two and two together and realized I needed a change AND I was actually helping people live better lives, I fired all my clients (nicely, though!) and dug into a new business beginning with Essential Oils and expanding to teaching others to be naturally focused.
Now, I use my journalism skills to dig through the clutter of overwhelming information and advice and put together solid, easy-to-follow guidance. My quest for knowledge and constant improvement leads me to testing and trying new combinations, so I know what works and why.

You, and others like you, are the reason I do what I do. I'd love the opportunity to hear your story and help you on your natural journey.
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Learn how to become a Lean, Mean, Green-Cleaning Machine

Surprise! You don’t have to be beholden to chemical-filled cleaners to have a clean home!  You don’t have to wear gloves to keep your hands from becoming dry and cracked or hold your breath so you aren’t left coughing just from cleaning your shower. Those days are gone! I have tried and tested cleaning solutions that don’t have a single chemical, leave your house smelling amazing and, guess what? They’re budget friendly!

Are you looking for easy, inexpensive chemical-free cleaning solutions? Then download my Secrets to Green Cleaning guide now to learn everything you need to start your chemical-free journey.

PLUS! You’ll find my 5 in 5 List included in the guide. Five toxic products that you probably have in your home that can be tossed out in 5 minutes or less!

Are you ready to reduce chemicals in your daily life? It’s easy but it can seem to be overwhelming. You can go all in and ditch everything all at once, but I recommend taking it a little at a time.

For that, you need a plan. Let’s talk about your needs, what you have on hand and what you need to make serious positive changes. Schedule a consultation with me and let’s make a plan.
Let’s make a plan!

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