Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

This is the unofficial list of all of my favorite Young Living products that make perfect holiday gifts! No need to search through the 600-plus health and wellness products for the perfect clean-living gift; I've narrowed it down for you! 

If you reach 100 in PV (Points Value) in your order, you will automatically receive a 24% discount off of retail pricing. Prices on items that qualify alone for this discount are noted with just the discount price. Items that do not qualify alone for this discount are noted with the retail pricing as well as the discount. 

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Holiday Favorites

Each Holiday season, Young Living offers a few items that are only available when the elves are active! Stock up and be the gift-giving guru they will all remember.

Elevate your aromatherapy with Duet, a fancy new waterless diffuser. This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves essential oils. Read more ...
Surround your Holiday Home with the scents of the season. Thieves' yummy scent to clean your house and Christmas Spirit blend in the diffuser. Perfect to set the mood! Read more ...
Put this beautiful Macaron diffuser near your tree and drop in these three holiday oils that will make everyone think that tree is real! Read more ...

Cute Collections
Discount: $151.25
Perfect for those who are wanting to be spiritually intensional, the Divine Destiny Collection uses a series of oils to help focus prayers and meditation. Read more ... 
Discount: $125 ($190.07 value)
The oils that come with the Desert Mist diffuser in the Everyday Glow Bundle blend well together.  Plus, Geranium Bourbon makes a lovely personal scent. Read more ...
Discount: $155.75
The Everyday Oils kit is perfect for someone who just wants to "dip" into Essential Oils. The variety of uses in this kit is perfect for newbies and pros alike. Read more ...
Discount: $103.75
You'll find the "essential" essential oils to support the body inside and out in the Golden Touch 1 collection. Support overall wellness with these popular oil blends. Read more ...
Discount: $55.55 • Retail: $73.03
With three popular oil blends, the Mind-over-matter collection provides on-the-go solutions to cool and refresh your head and temples and a beautiful case. Read more ...
Discount: $82 • Retail: $107.89
Know someone who needs more energy? Ningxia is a powerhouse. Challenge them to try Ningxia every day to see improvements. Read more ...
Discount: $70 • Retail: $92.11
The importance of quality is clear with this Seed to Seal Set that has three of the most popular oils – Peppermint, Lavender and Tea Tree. Read more ...
Discount: $72.75 • Retail: $95.72
Know someone who's always anxious? Give them peace, naturally, with the Serenity Now Collection. Read more ...
Discount: $90 • Retail: $118.42
The oils in the To the Rescue Collection provide five distinct aromas help soothe, comfort, refresh, and calm. Read more ...
Discount: $46.69 • Retail: $61.43
Impress guests with the uplifting scent of Winter Nights. It's perfect for diffusing and the hand soap and lotion are wonderful! Read More ...
Discount: $50.75 • Retail: $66.78
The Wish You Well Collection has a handy carrying case to fit three essential oils that offer support for your immune, digestive and respiratory systems. Read more ...

My Favorite Scents of the Season
If you love the smell of a fresh Christmas tree, cookies baking, cinnamon and orange, you'll love these wonderful oils! Ditch the chemical-filled candles and diffuse these beautiful scents!
Discount: $43.25 • Retail: $56.91
Discount: $25.75 • Retail: $33.88
Discount: $12 • Retail: $15.79
Discount: $92 • Retail: $121.05
Discount: $100

Discount: $33.25 • Retail: $43.75
Discount: $27.50 • Retail: $36.18

Discount: $41.25 • Retail: $54.28
Discount: $51.75 • Retail: $68.09

Discount: $39.25 • Retail: $51.64
Discount: $25.75 • Retail: $33.88

Stocking Stuffers
Young Living has some great sets that can be split up for stocking stuffers or given as gifts. These are all my favorite sets!
You can split this set into as many as 10 stockings! Or put a few here and a few there. These are great for people who need support for joints, backs and more. 
Discount: $91.75 • Retail: $120.72

These are the BEST Lip Balms around! They're 100% natural (no yucky petroleum!), they smell wonderful, they leave your lips smooth and silky, the balm stays on your lips for hours and they last a long time. You can split this up or put the whole set in one stocking.
Discount: $13.25 • Retail: $17.43

You may create a snack monster with the Skyrider Wilderness Snack Pack. The Einkorn Crunch is one of my secret pleasures. It is strangely satisfying. You can split this up or give as one big snack gift.
Discount: $26.95 • Retail: $35.46

This set of Sweet Maple Bath Bombs has three individually wrapped bombs and can be split for three stockings. Share the love!
Discount: $37.50 • Retail: $49.34

Forget those Mio drops and get an all-natural boost with Vitality Drops. This set of four makes ideal stocking stuffers for those who get bored with plain old water. 
Discount: $40.25 • Retail: $52.96

The Very Merry Vanillamint Collection smells delicious ... but don't eat it! First use the scrub on legs, arms or elbows, then follow with the body butter. Mmmm. It's not really meant to split up but it can be squeezed into a stocking. 
Discount: $53.75 • Retail: $70.92

For Her
These are my favorite personal scents that can replace those chemical-filled perfumes. I get lots of hugs and compliments when I wear these! Plus, the jewelry and case are extra special.
Discount: $26.75 • Retail: $35.20
LOVE Geranium Bourbon! It has a heady floral scent that lasts, especially when you put it in your hair. (Bonus! It helps make your hair shiny!) It works great on diffuser jewelry, too. Read more ...
Discount: $48.25 • Retail: $63.49
Joy has been my go-to scent for years. I often find myself smiling to myself for no apparent reason a few minutes after I apply it. It really does bring a sense of inner peace and happiness. Read more ...

Discount: $144.50 • Retail: $190.13

All of the oils in the One Collection have double benefits. First, they smell wonderful and second, they help the Young Living Foundation! Read more ...
Discount: $89.75 • Retail: $118.09

I love knowing that the bracelets in this collection are made by recipients of help from the Young Living Foundation. Even better, the One Voice Oil Blend goes beautifully with the porous material on the bracelets. Read more ...

Discount: $25 • Retail: $32.89

Made by women refugees from Afghanistan, this cork bag makes the perfect container for your oils. Read more ...

Discount: $20 • Retail: $26.32

Handcrafted by master artisans of the Amira Arts Cooperative in India, proceeds for these delicate earrings go to the Young Living Foundation.  I enjoy adding oils to the blue threads so when I turn my head, I get a nice whiff. Read more ...
For Him
Guys like Essential Oils, too! My husband loves the Shutran line from Young Living.

Talk about a manly scent! Shutran has a unique woodsy scent. Use it like you would cologne, only with just a few drops.
Discount: $86.75 • Retail: $114.14

The ultimate in convenience, the 3-in-1 Shutran Wash has all his bases covered ... shampoo, conditioner and body wash.
Discount: $18 • Retail: $23.68

The Shutran Aftershave Lotion has a woodsy scent and soothes, freshens that calms skin.
Discount: $30 • Retail: $39.47

100% plant-based, Shutran Bar Soap moisturizes the skin and the activated carbon, which gives it deodorizing properties.
Discount: $22.75 • Retail: $29.93

Beards are more popular than ever, so treat his right with the rich, wonderful-smelling properties of Shutran Beard Oil.
Discount: $16.75 • Retail: $22.04

I confess, even I love the Shutran Shave Cream! (Don't tell my hubby!) It's smooth and creamy and wonderful.
Discount: $21.25 • Retail: $27.96

For Kids
Let's not forget the kiddos! Young Living has several products for your little oilers.
Start your new oilers with this cute Snowy the Owl diffuser and Roller Set. Kids love the "power" of using their own oils.
Price: $145 ($261.18 value)

This basket gift set is perfect for your littlest ones. Fill it with items from the Seedlings line to make a great gift.
Discount: $27.75 • Retail: $36.51

Kids love the nighttime ritual of Sleepyize on their wrists and on Stuffie the Monkey's tummy at night..
Discount: $84 • Retail: $110.53

$ave Money with Bundles
The best bang for your buck is the gift of a bundle. Young Living has put together customer favorites and given DEEP discounts. These make beautiful gifts, too!
Price: $165 ($439.42 value)
The Desert Mist Premium Starter Kit is the best way to cover all the bases of support with Young Living and Essential Oils. Read more ...
Price: $145 ($300.56 value)
Boost your energy with Young Living's most popular product. Ningxia Red is a powerhouse plus Nitro when you really need a boost. Read more ...

Price: $160 ($264.47 value)
All of my favorite Thieves products in one money-saving bundle, the Thieves Loyalty Bundle is a great way to test all of Thieves natural, plant-based cleaning products and save lots of money. Read more ...

Price: $135 ($235.53 value)
The Thieves Starter Bundle gives you a nice introduction to many of the most popular Thieves products.  Read more ...

Home Life
Get your home holiday-ready with these great products.

Offer guests the lovely flavor of Orange Rose Hip Black Tea instead of coffee. They will thank you, especially when you add a drop of the lemon!
Discount: $33.50 • Retail: $44.08

The Spiced Turmeric Herbal Tea set is a delicious way to get the benefits of turmeric. Add a drop of the included Tangerine Essential Oil to make it even tastier!
Discount: $33.50 • Retail: $44.08

Yum! The Vanilla Lemongrass Green Tea set is a soothing way to pass the afternoon. Add a drop of the included orange to top it off.
Discount: $33.50 • Retail: $44.08

Freshen up your cleaning routine with the power and fresh scent of Thieves. Discount: $120 • Retail: $157.89

Jump into cooking with Essential Oils (yes, you can!) with the Vitality Culinary Kit, which comes with a recipe book to help you get started. 
Discount: $95.25 • Retail: $125.33

The Highest-Quality CBD Products
What's better than CBD Oil? CBD Oil with Essential Oils! They help the CBD oil work even better. And when you add Young Living's high standards for quality, you've got the best CBD on the market!

Not sure where to start? Dig into CBD oil with this great starter CBD Bundle at a huge discount. Find which one or ones work best for your needs. Price: $175 ($300.99 value)

Sooth tired muscles with CBD Muscle Rub. This soothing balm is perfect after exercise or a long day. Comes in two strengths. Discount: $81 • Retail: $106.58

Boost your seasonal reactions with Soothe CBD Roll On. It's a refreshing boost and comes in two strengths.
Discount: $61.50 • Retail: $80.93