No need to hack up a lung 
just to clean the shower!
Instead, ditch the chemical-filled cleaning products 
and become a lean, mean green-cleaning machine!

Let's explore just how easy, budget-friendly (and dare I say FUN?)
using plant-based cleaning solutions can be.

I’m talking eye-opening (not burning!),
life-changing and easy-breathing fixes 

that will become your go-to! 

Hate the smell of bleach but want your house to be truly clean?
Guess what? Bleach isn't that good at actually killing germs!

Download my Secrets to Green Cleaning Guide for easy, inexpensive, chemical-free cleaning solutions.

PLUS! Included in the guide is my 5 in 5 list. Five toxic products you probably have in your home that you can find and toss in 5 minutes.

Been there, conquered that ...
Let me guess, you like a clean house, but your entire life you’ve been taught that the smell of bleach is the smell of clean. But how can something be good for you that in order to use it you need to wear gloves and hold your breath?
You’ve been hearing that a lot (honestly, most) of the ingredients used in your everyday cleaning products cause all kinds of health problems – which you kinda knew, since the last time you cleaned the bathroom your fingers were burning because it was just too much effort to go find the gloves.
You’ve decided, finally, to go green and you find yourself in the cleaning aisle overwhelmed with all the “green” options – and, wow, the sticker shock!
So, you think, “Maybe I can make my own cleaning products?” But a quick Google search reveals so many do-it-yourself recipes that your head feels like it’s exploding.
I get it! That was me not so long ago. But I found the solution! One where you don’t feel overwhelmed, you get to hit the easy button, you don’t break the bank (you'll even spend less!) and you are making brilliant choices for your entire family’s health!
 There is a better way.

Hiya, I'm Julie
Have you ever wondered why there is a poison control warning label on your toothpaste? (Seriously, go look!) Or why everyone seems to be OK with using chemicals that are considered toxic to touch or inhale to clean our homes? 
I’m not OK with this. My body and my family deserve better. And frankly, so do you.
If I can reach for a natural solution when I have a headache instead of an Excedrin, I am that much better off keeping chemicals out of my system. I’ve become so confident and comfortable making my own chemical-free decisions and products that I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge with others. People need to know how easy this is! YOU need to know!
I love to see the lightbulb moment when someone realizes how simple it is to eliminate chemicals we use in our everyday lives. Once you’ve tried making your own cleaning products, you won’t even dream of going back to chemical-filled products. 

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