Essential Oils: Nature's Living Energy

Discover the incredible versatility of essential oils, and learn how millions use them to supplement a healthy lifestyle.

What are essential oils,
and why use them?

Essential oils are natural, aromatic liquids found in plants that have been used for thousands of years in cultures all across the world. Essential oils are a natural way to support a healthy lifestyle, help maintain physical and emotional wellness, clean and purify your home, care for your hair and skin, and promote spirituality.

Why choose Young Living
everyday oils?

When it comes to essential oils – farming, distilling, and sourcing is everything! Young Living has carefully curated farms all over the world, and uses a proprietary Seed to Seal® Process that produces the most authentic essential oils available today.

Unlike other essential oils on the market that rely on chemicals and processing, Young Living oils are never diluted, cut, or adulterated in any way. Using a proprietary, low-temperature distillation process that's entirely chemical-free, Young Living sets the standard for purity, potency, and authenticity.


Diffuse in the Air:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Scents soothe and inspire
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Purifies the air
  • Eliminates odors
  • Enhance spirituality
  • Complements meditation
Around Your Home:

  • Powerful & plant-based
  • Kitchens & bathrooms
  • Surfaces of all kinds
  • Laundry & stain removal
  • Purify the air
Apply them Topically:

  • Use for massage
  • Apply during workout
  • Enhances the appearance of skin
  • Apply to temples, balls of feet
  • Plant-derived beauty care
Use the Internally:
Make sure your Essential Oil is labeled for internal use, like Young Living's Vitality Line

Herb Vitality

Add flavor and freshness with a drop of your favorite herbs.

  • Basil Vitality™
  •  Lemongrass Vitality™
  •  Oregano Vitality™
  • Rosemary Vitality™
  •  Thyme Vitality™
  •  Lavendar Vitality™
  • Peppermint Vitality™
  •  Spearmint Vitality™

Spice Vitality

Discover your favorite new way to deliver a culinary kick.
  • Black Pepper Vitality™
  •  Cinnamon Bark Vitality™
  • Clove Vitality™
  •  Ginger Vitality™
  •  Carrot Seed Vitality™
  • Celery Seed Vitality™
  •  Dill Vitality™

Citrus Vitality

Brighten your water, smoothies, and recipes with vitamin-rich citrus.
  • Bergamot Vitality™
  •  Citrus Fresh Vitality™
  • Grapefruit Vitality™
  •  Jade Lemon Vitality™
  •  Lemon Vitality™
  • Lime Vitality™
  •  Orange Vitality™
  •  Tangerine Vitality™

Supplement Vitality

Nutritious drops to support your body and enhance your day.
  • DiGize Vitality™
  •  Endoflex Vitality™
  • Frankincense Vitality™
  •  Thieves Vitality™


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