The Science Behind Successful Weight ManagementThe Slique System – Natural empowerment. Transformational health and body support.

Research shows that weight gain occurs on three levels

Scientific research show that hunger can be managed in the brain, on the tongue and in the gut.* Essential oils are a powerful weapon for all 3 of these weight management centers. They can promote relaxation and enhance mood (brain), help maintain the efficiency of the digestive tract and support normal digestion (gut), and promote appetite suppression and reduce cravings (tongue). Plus, they work safely and naturally!

People with weight issues eat more for emotional satisfaction than to actually fuel the body. What is so unique about the Slique™ System is that it promotes wellness in both the physical and emotional realms!

As a successful research scientist and formulator for Young Living, Marc realized the secret to successful, lasting weight reduction must engage the satiety center of the brain, the emotions and the intestinal tract. Marc found his own weight levels began to drop dramatically as he employed all three. In just 6 months, he successfully released 52 lbs. and enjoys greater health than ever before!*

The Slique way to a new you!

Finally… a system with a whole body approach to weight management and wellness. With everything from meal replacement, to supplements, to snacks, to satiety promoting teas, gum and essential oil, Slique gives you everything you need for transformative results.


Your body responds differently when it gets the nutrition it needs!

  • Cutting-edge weight management science
  • Pure essential oils
  • Safe, natural ingredients
  • Vegetarian package available
  • Uplifting, emotional wellness support
  • Enhances energy naturally
  • Fills nutritional gaps that cause cravings
  • Promotes satiety and healthy digestion

Start Living with
Slique™ Essence!

An exquisite collection of nature’s finest
whole foods and essential oils to promote
a balanced, beautiful body and vitality.


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